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The frozen food market has great potential for development

With its "nutrition, health and convenience" characteristics, frozen foods have been expanding in recent years and have become an indispensable part of Chinese urban food consumption.

The importance of Internet thinking for the development of current dehydrated vegetable companies

In recent years, many dehydrated vegetable companies have made bold attempts in sales channels and marketing methods, such as using Weibo, WeChat and other Internet and mobile Internet social platforms

Are dehydrated vegetables nutritious?

Are dehydrated vegetables nutritious? This is a problem that many consumers are more entangled. There are many different opinions on the Internet. Here, you can answer this question for everyone and intuitively tell everyone about the nutritional problems of dehydrated vegetables.

Dehydrated vegetables are popular in both domestic and foreign markets

China has abundant vegetable resources and many varieties, which provides sufficient resources for the processing of dehydrated vegetables. Therefore, it is considered that whether it is exporting or selling internally, dehydrated vegetables have a good market prospect and are popular.

Analysis of the prospects of dehydrated vegetables market

According to authoritative data, the annual output of dehydrated vegetables in the world is about 370,000 tons, and the annual output in China is about 130,000 tons.
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